Class At Sea Provides Puget Sound Field Trips
- A learning experience students will remember for a lifetime.

Sea Life Studies - We bring students up close to where they can study organisms and creatures in their the natural marine habitat.

Marine Sciences - We provide a stable platform sheltered area for running experiments onboard.

Water Column Sampling - The key to water studies is learning what is beneath the surface. We provide an easy means to deploy and retrieve water column sampling equipment.

Underwater Video - Students monitor remote video cameras to explore under the surface of the sea..

Video Microscope - Onboard microenvironment exploration for viewing of plankton with TV display and recording capability.

Marine Wildlife Observation -The complex behavior of marine mammals and waterfowl are easily observed in their natural environment from our floating lab.

Remote Tideland Access - Shore landings on pristine natural tidelands provide students with the opportunity to learn about the marine ecosystem.

Scuba Diving - Trained divers collect data, dive-cam images and samples for students to analyze onboard. (*Additional cost with special arrangements.)

Navigation - Students have the opportunity to learn about vessel navigation and seamanship while at sea.

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